WOD: 4-20-12

Clean Pull:

1×10 60%
1×8 65%
1×8 70%
1×8 75%

WOD:  Grace:  For time:

30 Clean and Jerk (135/95)


Amazing Grace!  This workout has been done heavy (185/135), super heavy (225/155), and extremely heavy (275/185), but nothing beats the original load!  This WOD is fast and furious from beginning to end.  30 reps are just enough to sprint, but not enough to overstay their welcome.   If you are comfortable with the Clean portion of the workout at the Rx load, be wary that the Jerks overhead are surprisingly taxing and once your shoulders go (not like they are sore…), that load will feel much heavier.  Though it should go unsaid, form will be crucial especially since this is an olympic lift.  Let the Clean Pulls set the motion the remainder of the WOD.  This is a CrossFit benchmark and you are sure to see it again so record your time and loads.  As a point of reference coach Bryce does this in 1:30…

How long did it take you to read all of this?,




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